(07-22) Are law firms really walking the talk in the new working world?
We are all familiar with hybrid working by now. Its benefits are nothing new to us, from a reduction in office costs to positively motivating employees.
After a 2 year trial, some firms are reluctant to implement a permanent arrangement, so why are law firms so hesitant to embrace this new world?

Through our findings with Yaloya Club, we believe this to be down a few issues:

  • Tax: many firms are not willing to post up employees in worldwide locations due to issues with tax regulations in other states, often remaining silent when asked about work-location policies – however, many firms are willing to investigate this issue!
  • Clients: many firms believe that the best way to operate is still within the office, allowing legal professionals to meet with their clients face-to-face. However, as many sectors across the globe are now integrating hybrid working, clients can meet with their legal teams virtually.
  • Brexit: UK firms are finding it impossible to navigate the endless complexities of Brexit, meaning many of their legal professionals must live and work exclusively in their home country.

It is our hope that these firms will eventually wake up to the immense benefits of hybrid working, just like so many other businesses around the world.
If not, they may have to accept losing out to other flexible firms when it comes to competing for top, new and young talent in the legal industry.