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WFA 2024-25
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Location-independent working has become increasingly popular since the pandemic. Would you like to work in an attractive environment for a few weeks or months a year in addition to your office and home office? This is especially interesting for the self-employed and all those who can work location-independently at least some of the time. Many companies are also pursuing hybrid newwork concepts as part of their digital transformation, which allow working outside the office and home office.

We believe that WFA (Working from Anywhere) is the future! Starting with digital nomads from the IT and media sectors, the trend has already grown into an international movement even among many larger companies.

With us you develop your perfect WFA policy and fill it with life!

Offices have given way to home offices overnight. In the pandemic, many companies have realised the possibility of flexible working and the importance of special time off. For example, some pioneers now offer 30 days a year to work from a location of your choice. We operate a network of hand-picked destinations that are suitable for professional workations. For example, we take care of work equipment and make sure you can use a state-of-the-art IT environment while you’re there.

We help employers to be even more responsive to the time-off needs of their employees without any disadvantages in the operational process. Together with the respective companies and with their or our legal and tax advisors, we can draw on best practices to ensure that everything runs smoothly and advantageously from a legal and tax point of view.

Individual membership in the Yaloya Club is by invitation or successful unsolicited application. This keeps our offer exclusive and our circle personal. If you have received an invitation or would like to apply, you can activate your membership here on the website or contact us. To do so, go to “Register” in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar. With the company membership you can give your employees access to the Yaloya Club programme and use us as a sparring partner for all workation-related questions. Contact us for further details.

SmartWork in the digital world

Office, home office, workaway. The pandemic has led to a surge in innovation. Companies see new opportunities and are rethinking their work and location concepts.

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Have you studied the working-from-anywhere concept? You see the trends and want to take advantage of the WFA culture yourself? Or you want to approach the topic step by step: For example, your company would like to combine individual workations with team retreats?

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