Portugal is your office

Workaway at Yaloya Club. Work in the most beautiful places in Europe!


Yaloya Workaways are possible in apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. Due to the current global political situation, we are receiving more and more requests for a “Plan B” beyond actual remote working starting in March 2022: a (dedicated) retreat in the far southwest of Europe seems attractive. We have therefore formed a task force with brokers, tax advisors and real estate attorneys who are familiar with the area and can help accordingly.

Yaloya Club cooperates with a private resort with restaurant, individual apartments and year-round heated pool. It is located in a picturesque beach village in the Algarve and is easily accessible. In Praia da Luz there is the possibility to access from single to several hundred apartments. This makes the place ideal for individual workaways as well as for events and larger groups up to retreats of entire law firms, companies or their teams.

The Algarve enjoys a mild climate with many hours of sunshine throughout the year. From December to February, the average temperature in the coastal area is 16.6 degrees, and in the spring months from March to May it is 20.3 degrees. During summertime, it is driest with an average of 28 degrees, and the sun shines for 12 hours a day. Due to the cool Atlantic winds, even maximum temperatures of over 30 degrees can be easily endured. Only hot air currents from the African area temporarily change the heat tolerance. From April to October there is little precipitation. From November to March precipitation is more frequent. The water temperature of the Atlantic is quite cool, ranging from 15 degrees in January to 20 degrees in August and September. However, the water temperature remains quite stable in October and November as the outside temperature declines.