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WFA is the future

I am most excited about a form of remote work that I call work from anywhere (WFA). It allows the individual to choose where to live. Based on that choice, they could decide to either work from home, or work from a co-working space or a cafeteria.
The reason I believe it will become the norm is that it’s a win-win-win, for workers, companies and for society.
Companies that force people to go back to the past will lose employees — not every employee, but their best employees.
Prithwiraj Choudhury, Professor at Harvard Business School

Why go back to the office when you can work from anywhere? Isn’t it more important how you work than where you work?

The last few years have shown that we don’t need to be in offices to be productive. But working from home is not without its downsides. What if there was an opportunity to work, at least part of the time, in beautiful surroundings, in the sun, with all the facilities of a serviced office and a first class holiday resort? Would you be more productive? Would you be happier? That’s why we founded the Yaloya Club.

Ten years ago, work-life balance began to become an important issue. Most of us want to be able to balance work, free time and family in a good career. The corona pandemic has shown that there are even better opportunities if we break away from rigid local and synchronous thinking about work. We believe that Professor Choudhury is right and that the best talent will work where management has understood the WFA culture of flexible working and is successfully implementing the framework conditions for this.