Why Yaloya?

How you work is important. Not from where.

Our Founding Team

Matthias Frenzel


Matthias has a degree in business administration. He worked for many years as “Head of Digital” in leading companies in the tourism, finance and real estate industries and was most recently active as a successful start-up founder (e.g. Hausgold.de) and as a management consultant (various DAX companies) with a focus on digitization.

Carsten Reimann

Members & Partners

Carsten started as a lawyer in BigLaw and the automotive industry. With Xenion Legal, he then built up a legal company and sold it to one of the major international law firms. For many years he has been dealing with the topics of happiness research, AI and NewWork under the motto “Delivering Happy Lawyers”.

Martin Häusler

Platform & Tech

Martin loves digital platforms and marketplaces. At Yaloya Club, he helps with the technology to make working-from-anywhere, which is already popular and widespread among IT professionals and creative people, as easy and natural for the legal profession as booking a taxi.

About Yaloya Club

“It has never been clearer that the workplace for knowledge workers is not a single designated physical environment, but rather it is any place where work gets done.”

Roberta Sydney, June 2021

Working from flexible locations is part of a sustainable business culture. This not only increases subjective satisfaction, you are also more productive than just working in the office or at home.

We exist to encourage and support legal professionals to pursue a meaningful career while regularly working from appropriate “third places”. We call it workaways. We are currently working in Portugal, on the Baltic Sea and in northern Italy. Further locations are in preparation.

Yaloya Club opens the door to the preferred places of inspiration, retreat and networking for modern lawyers. We develop the ideal combination of concentrated work and relaxation after work. Yaloya brings people and topics together in attractive locations, initiates innovations and dialogue.

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