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Benefits for law firms

“Forcing employees to go back to the on-site environment could result in employers losing up to 39% of their workforce.” Jérôme Mackowiak, Director in Gartner HR Praxis

As a law firm, you can increase your attractiveness as an employer by giving your lawyers maximum autonomy over when and where they work. This can help you find, retain and motivate the best talent. At the same time, it reduces the time and cost of travel and permanent office space, which also has a positive impact on your carbon footprint.

Most companies are faced with the question of to what extent they should return to regular office operations after the Corona pandemic. Office rents are expensive, especially in big city locations. Lawyers have become even more digital and mobile overall as a result of the home office experience. And more demanding about the meaning, environment and environmental impact of their work. Out of necessity, many law firms have upgraded IT. What now?

Partner retreats, sabatticals, workations or lawaways as an incentive and motivation for successful associates – talk to us about your strategy, your locations and your individual work-location concept.

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We work with established law firms, modern legal departments and trend-setting legal tech start-ups in the NewWork area to support sustainable location concepts. How do you want to work in the future?