(06-22) As every person on this spinning rock understands – happiness does not come to us overnight, it’s something that needs to be worked towards for a healthier life.

In the legal profession, the happiness of lawyers is something that is often overlooked due to the nature of the job – but it is important for lawyers to take time for themselves and work on their own health before their work.

A work-life balance in legal is a tough thing to manage, trust us! But once you uncover your own secret formula, you’ll be set for the rest of your career!

According to numerous studies, 20% of active lawyers have issues with alcohol – which is more than double many national averages. Lawyers also suffer more from high rates of depression, suicide and substance abuse than many other professions – so, is it possible for lawyers to truly be happy?

Of course, the answer is yes.

Anyone can be happy in any profession, they just need to discover how to reach this state and make some conscious decisions.

Like many careers – lawyers enter their field due to their love of the job, the idea of helping clients and bringing justice to those who deserve it. Some may come only for the money but many of those leave quickly.  However, lawyers are not just the sum of their job descriptions.

It is vital to consider what your values and goals are, and how you intend to reach them. This may be overwhelming for some, but if you have a career that aligns with these values and goals then your happiness is bound to skyrocket!

It is also vital to make time for yourself, your loved ones and your social circle. Perhaps now and then it’s also time for a retreat to recharge your batteries?