From the creators of canaryAIslands:

  • Carina

CEO & Co-Founder of, President of Women in AI Austria

An entrepreneur with a passion for the application of AI in Business and Law. Special focus on trustworthy AI and AI Project Management. Being a lawyer with several years of experience in international organizations, she has a profound understanding of world politics and the dangers and possibilities that AI represents for our planet and society.

  • Valerio

Co-Founder & Head of Data Science at SamurAI

Data Scientist with 12 years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying AI solutions in a variety of fields, such as particle physics, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. He has a passion for creating training programs and explain complex subjects in simple terms.

  • Alex

CTO & Co-Founder of, Data Mining & Deep Learning Lecturer at IMC Krems

Alex is a passionate Machine Learning Engineer and enjoys designing Machine Learning Pipelines from the idea to the deployment. He studied Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands is on the advisor board of WeAreDevelopers and a Ambassador in Vienna.

Now at Yaloya Club in the Algarve.

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